Oilspill on the west coast of Sweden

On September 15 the Swedish Coast Guard received the first indication of oil contaminated shores on the west coast of Sweden. It immediately led to response actions in the area, called Operation Kyrkesund.

  • In Operation Kyrkesund approximately 360 cubic meters of oil has been recovered from the sea with response vessels, oil recovery vessels for shallow waters and skimmers. A large amount of booms to contain the oil has been deployed.
  • The Swedish Coast Guard is working in close cooperation with the local rescue service. The Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) is also contributing by means of ships, booms and personnel.
  • The recovering of the oil is a time-consuming work, complicated by hard weather and waves, and the oil has reached far in to the bays were it's harder to clean.
  • The Swedish Coast Guard is planning to go on with Operation Kyrkesund at least until Sunday the 25th of September.
  • It is still unclear were the oil on the Swedish west coast comes from. The source might be due to a ship collision that occurred on Danish water more than a week ago, but other possible sources are also being considered.
  • On September 14 the Swedish Coast Guard was informed by the Danish authorities that there had been a ship collision outside the Danish west coast and that one of the ships was leaking oil. The Danish authorities recovered approximately 60 cubic meters of oil. The hard weather complicated the clean up operation. 
  • The weather conditions, with strong winds up to hurricane strength, made it more or less impossible to detect the oil since it might mix with the water or sink and displace under the water.