News from the Swedish Coast Guard

  • Search and Rescue, Operation Triton 20150826

    52 diseased bodies found in dramatic SAR for Poseidon

    On Wednesday, Swedish Coast Guard’s open sea patrol vessel KBV 001 Poseidon, rescued 569 people from two boats. 52 diseased bodies were found in one of the boats cargo hull. Suffocation is the probable cause of death.

  • Skadorna på Stena-fartyget

    Ro-Pax collided with Tanker outside Gothenburg

    The Ro-Pax vessel Stena Jutlandica was early on Sunday morning involved in a collision with a tanker outside Gothenburg. Swedish Coast Guard has since early morning vessels on the location on first response alert in case of oil spill. No oil has yet leaked any of the vessels, which has been confirmed by one of the Swedish Coast Guard’s Sea Surveillance Aircraft overflying the area.

  • Sjöräddning i Medelhavet 24 juni 2015 (1)

    New SAR operation for Poseidon

    On Tuesday afternoon, Swedish Coast Guard’s open sea patrol vessel KBV 001 Poseidon, reached a merchant ship that had stopped by a boat with refugees. 220 people including eleven children were transferred to The Swedish Coast Guard vessel.

  • Swedish Coast Guard Rescues 213

    Swedish Coast Guard’s open sea patrol vessel KBV 001 Poseidon, a part of Frontex Operation Triton in the Mediterranean, has rescued 213 migrants on Friday morning, of which five women (one pregnant) and 12 children.

  • KBV 005, KBV 047 och KBV 050

    Maritime Single Window

    The Ship Reporting Directive (2010/65/EU) enters into force on 1 June 2015. However, electronic reporting via the national portal Maritime Single Window will not be operational by that date in Sweden.

  • KBV 312 vid kaj

    KBV 312: week 7

    Baltic Workboats has launched the first vessel, KBV 312 and tests are now being performed in the harbour for the next coming weeks. Delivery is planned to mid April.

  • bild 307 4

    Oilspill on the west coast of Sweden

    On September 15 the Swedish Coast Guard received the first indication of oil contaminated shores on the west coast of Sweden. It immediately led to response actions in the area, called Operation Kyrkesund.

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